Contact IBM Head Office, Customer Care Service Address In New York

Contact IBM Head Office, Customer Care Service Address In New York

IBM is a global consulting and technology company founded in 1911. They are best in what they do. IBM has undergone significant organizational changes over the years including acquisitions of leading companies such as Lexmark, Lenovo, DemandTec, and Kenexa.

IBM’s Headquarters is in Armonk, New York. IBM has over 400,000 worldwide employees serving 170 countries. In 2012, IBM was ranked second in the country by Fortune magazine for having the largest number of employees for a U.S.-based firm.

IBM is a household name with notable inventions, including the ATM, UPC, SABRE, the hard-disk drive, Watson artificial intelligence, and the magnetic-stripe card.

IBM has shifted its business focus from hardware to newer growth markets, including cloud computing, business intelligence, big data and analytics, green solutions, security, mobile, and social.

Their work and people can be found in all sorts of interesting places. IBMers are helping transform healthcare, improving the retail shopping experience, rerouting traffic jams and even designing the next generation fan experience in sports stadiums around the world. IBM has been existing for more than 100 years.


Cloud, Mobile, Cognitive, Security, Research, Watson, Analytics, Consulting, Commerce, Experience Design, Internet of Things, Technology support, Industry solutions, Systems services, IT iinfrastructure, Resiliency services, Financing

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