Diamond Platnumz Contact Phone Number and Email Address

diamond-platnumz-contact-phone-number-and-email-address -- diamond-platnumz-contact -- diamond-platnumz-phone-number -- diamond-platnumz-email Diamond Platnumz Contact Phone Number and Email Address : That’s the Management Phone Number and Direct Email Address Use “Diamond Platnumz Contact Phone Number” , Mail “Email Address” , to reach him

Diamond Platnumz Contact Phone Number and Email Address

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Email: Diamondplatnumz@gmail.com

Email: sharaff@gmail.comdiamond-platnumz-contact-phone-number-and-email-address

Posted on August 21, 2016


  1. Anonymous says:

    nakuheshimu platz

  2. frieto says:

    platnumz nakuheshimu…

  3. Anonymous says:

    Diamond Mimi ni fan wako sana.Nazipenda sana nyimbo zako.WCB pia napenda wasanii wote.ila ningependa kujiunga na WCB ili ndoto zangu zitimie..naomba kuwasiliana nawe ili nikueleze zaidi.Baraka za Mwenyezi Mungu zitaishi kukunyeshea kama mvua

  4. Anonymous says:

    Nakuheshimu na kukutambua sana diamond…..nimeishi kuzipenda nyimbo zako tangu zamani.Mimi ni raia wa Kenya Ila ningependa kujiunga na wasafi ili ndoto zangu za uibaji zitimie…ingawa Mimi ni mwanafunzi naomba ukubali ombi langu na baraka zake mwenyezi zitaishi kukunyeshea kama mvua..ningependa kuwa na number yako ya simu

  5. Anonymous says:

    naomba tu contact

  6. Alan says:

    My country’s music is down.I want Bongo music to sprout in my country.my contact: rudolfalan820@gmail.com. Cell no: +264816385089.

  7. Alan says:

    Hello Diamond,Most Namibians love your music.Namibian music is boring.You came up with your own sound.Can you come to Namibia and teach our Nation good Music, WCB is best.

  8. Enter your name... says:


  9. farheen says:

    Diamond…. I am a fan I moved to Canada 14 years ago. I recently came to Tanzania DAR- es-salaam for a visit and fell in love with my country once again. Please let me know as I would love to be in your videos.

  10. Enter your name...Edggerh Ogollah says:

    Hi again platnumz, I am eagerly waiting for your reply but have seen none, please man am begging and seeking for a huge help, am sure God gave me a talent of singing to spread good messages to the entire world but there is no one to give a hand on that but am sure only you can make me do that, and that’s why I have tried every way possibly to meet you but I can’t find one but only this, think about what we can bring
    to our country if we come together, am leaving you with those to extremely think about them and please give me the return if u wish, you can find through this numbers 0704203047, please know that you, you are my only hope, wish you good life!!!!!!

  11. Anonymous says:

    I Want To Joine WASAFI record My Phone No. 0742827965

  12. Sodium platnumz says:

    Plz diamond I have an issue with you so don’t ignore

  13. Enter your name...Edggerh Ogollah says:

    Hi diamond! am from Kenya and still in high school, I can’t say am ur fun bcz am more than that, i always watch ur videos and listen to ur songs, I always trace ur voice as u sing and I really enjoy doing it, am seeking help from u to help achieve my dreams to develop our nation and to prosper together, please just give me a hand I beg of u!!! here is my number 0704203047!!

  14. Godfrey says:

    Hello mzm, samahani nilikuwa naomba msaada wa ada nimechaguliwa kujiunga chuo kikuu cha Dodoma na sina hata wakunisapoti naomba msaada wako. Number zangu **0767642958. Asante

  15. kevini says:

    i am your fun from kenya

  16. Habib Yusuf{MR YORK} says:


  17. Anonymous says:

    love you platnumz to sana

  18. Anonymous says:

    cool up man,,, uko juu tu sannnnaaaaa

  19. Enter your name...kevo says:

    hello plutnumz my name is kelvin #048 am young and talented am good in song writing even in singing,and I want to record in your studio I know the price but av got no number so that I can book,please I need your feedback 0792183623 kenya

  20. kaberia shadrack says:

    I am a student in meru but i had recoganised that am talented in singing i had hiven rimixed your song bado. Plz i want your help to produce my songs and to grow my talent Nasib for more call me through 0743182240

  21. Charles Mangazine says:

    Contact Me Brother
    is WatsApp Number

  22. Enter your name...mammy says:

    Hlw mambo vp bro? naomba unitafute na shida na ww, hp u wl be intrestd wth my issue it is so imprtnt to me am waitng 4 ur cl 0783416217


    Comment: Hae diamond my beast ngetaka kukujulisha ningetaka kujiunga na group yako.please unipigie na hii number 0716814407

  24. Azianble Ibrahim says:

    Salut bonsoir je me nomme Azianble Ibrahim de nationalité Togolais âgé de 27ans ! Mon numéro de téléphone WhatsApp : 0022891142299. 0022898686939

  25. Feisal says:

    Hello diamond (simba) am a boy feyi plytnumz from mandera need a big support from you as a wasafis GOD blezz all of you… WCB….. Wasafi classic baby….. My gemail feisalabdul79@gmail.com tel 0719217596

  26. Undertiger-la don says:

    my name is undertiger-la don,from zanzibar but originated from a capital city of Tanzania(DODOMA).I am an upcoming artist with more dreams for the further future,i can real do great things if i get some supports means someone holding my hands and sending or keepng me to a good direction.I have recorded some songs to the big musical’s studios like DEFATALITY MUSIC under mesen,C9 RECORDS under C9,and TOUCHEZ SOUNDS under mr t touch.I real hustling for the music so please i’be gorgeous greatful if i may get your support,coz i got a talent and you are the one who show good save to the artists my musical’s genere is hip hop rap and my tell is 0753784882 i am waiting for your sympathy,thak you.

  27. James Verdy says:

    James Uar 1 Fan Frm Kenya

  28. James Verdy says:

    Ungejua venye mm n fan wako ungeamini

  29. robertt bett the king boy says:

    all the best diamond,tunakupenda sana mr platnumz, we love u in kenya.

  30. Martin wanjohi says:

    Hi Diamond am martin wanjohi from Kenya a love Ur song ile mbaya na nemekuwa nikijaribu kuingia music industries lkini finance ndio shida ningekuomba unisaindie pliaz Big up

  31. castrofeeds says:

    Mm ni fun wako sana and can be a goog singer bt sina tu uwezo ningefurai ukiniruhusu niingie wasafi records no yangu ni 0742490631 mkenya

  32. castrofeeds says:

    Mimi ni mkenya lakini ninge like sana kujiunga nanyi wasafi records .naomba tu nambari zako tuongee yangu ni 0742490631

  33. pius gclef says:

    hi mr. wasafi i hv passion in music bt am financially well- off i hv composed a song called utapewa na nani which i want to feture youngtone dover we are all from busia county( kenya)

  34. pius gclef says:

    ae diamond i woud lyk to work & promote me also i hv a talent and am not stable

  35. 0627173831 says:

    I really dont like u at all bcoz of ur actions u know. U sometime sing awkwardly so ur music really burgs me a lot. I study outside TZ and when my schoolmates hear ur music they wanna here me sing the way u do they wanna here about ur lifestyle ur cars, children and ur everything thats why i hate u and by the where did u get zari with all those children

  36. Antonio says:

    hi Naseeb Abdul!
    My name is Antonio
    I’m a malagasy(Madagascar)
    Pleace contacted me at :
    fb: rhantösamar Rajaonarison

    Good night

  37. am susan from KENYA says:

    Hi Diamond!am Susan from Kenya Nairobi manzee minapenda ngoma zako sana na hata wewe mwenyewe nivile tu siwezi kukufikia BTi love u so much.anyway nilikuwa naomba unisaidie kujoin the brotherhood plizzz diamond I beg u.my phone number is 0706151396 or0704467125

  38. diamond backfly says:

    hello diamond I love you songs so I trying sing but all tinks gat down . please help me to sing and gat a fans same with you please please please help my number contact is +258848953952 or email cletosshoracio30@gmail.com, I hope you take Read this message

  39. Brenda Shania Shaline says:

    Hii Diamond i m your fun i do lik your musics so much i ws i asking if i could get your numb! I frm Kenya

  40. Cboy rulo says:

    Am a young kenyan boy najaribu kulearn kutoka kwenu how to sing0715540755

  41. Cboy rulo says:

    Nawapenda sana wasafi classic babies am a kenyan kid najifunza kutunga mashairi za mapenzi teach me more 0715540755

  42. Choy rulo says:

    Nawapenda sana wasafi classic babies am a kenyan kid najifunza kutunga mashairi za mapenzi teach me more 0715540755

  43. kelvin sunday yule msafi. com says:

    iwant with you plz mr wasafi hii ni searius solution ama plz nionyeshe vile una join kwa elimnate pia m n mkenya frm busia county my phone nomber was 0799485162 aiiiiiiiiiiii nisaidie pleas

  44. kakadeno aka kakadenyc says:

    i am a 254 gospel misician,
    im not so femous itz just that am rising and i want to reach your standard,
    i usualy do not mind that you do seculer and i do gospel,what i realy like with many musicians from wasafi is the way they “flow their lines” with alot of creativity.
    since,i have been following you guys and i have been inspired by you so much,
    i would like to do a song with wasafi records, please allow me


  45. Arnold says:

    Hi Diamond Natamani Nkuguze 2

  46. ANDIE SUNDAY says:


  47. ali amos says:

    kama wataka kuskia kipaji changu nipgie tafthali nassibu

  48. ali amos says:

    salamu kwanza. naomba tafadhali tu niskize usinipuuze .facebook najulikana .merry mzeller

  49. Anonymous says:

    mambo vipi diamond. mimi ni mzaliwa wa kenya lakini kwa sasa nakaa arusha. majina nafaamika kama ali amos .nazipenda sana kazi zako il sina uwezo wa kukupata angalau unipe chanzi kidogo niingie wcb akika nirekodi mwanzo mimi nakwakishia ukinipata utaipenda kazi yangu kushinda hata ya kina vanny boy.hamonaizi pia lava boy mdogo wangu huyo bana hivyo basi kwa majaliwa ya allah naomba nisaidie mwanzo nna imani naweza. fedha ndo tatizo ndo mana naomba msaada wako mimi naishi mtaani kazi sina hivyo nikumbuke mimi najiamini naweza ndo maana nimeingi cyber leo nkaona acha nkusake ukiupata ujumbe huu nipate facebook .merry mzeller

  50. kelvin wasafi sunday says:

    plz mr prezo wa Tanzania mm napenda all your songs and iam a treina of sakata and iam try to practis to sing but i have four stanza lakini sijapata time ya kuzitoa coz ata cna cen moja lakini ni ngependa tuzitoe na wewe plz nkubali bati mimi ni mkenya na sai niko na twenty two years iam short man na yote utakayo niambia nitafanya plz my contact is 0799485162

  51. dalmas odhiambo says:

    “unatekenyanga ukonyonga salome,”nimetoka kwa familia maskini sana, simba ningenda uniandike job No 0740345418 txt

  52. vincent omondi says:

    hi diamond i luv ua songs and i need to join you

  53. stephen says:

    hi,diamond na mjua rambo mutua mwenye unataka kumit na yy ni cuzo wangu ukitaka kuongea nayey ni pingie 4n kwa hii no 0710690383

  54. George Mwalimu says:

    Hi Diamond, am I big fun of you from 254, just wanna big you up. Looking forward to see you life on concert. Big up

  55. Mahlawmisz Dreamkid says:

    Hey Diamond, mm ni mwanafunzi Kenyatta University nasoma Spatial Planning 1st yr,, m a song writer for both Swahili and English and would really like to get in touch with you and your crew,, please help me work with you, it has been my dream for life,, I really love your music and dats y av decided to look for you, Thanks in advance

  56. kelvin platnumz yule msafi says:

    niaje.mm nfanwako i know almost all ur songs and i luv u very much

  57. faith munyao says:

    hi diamond baba tiffah God akubless more and more am ur bggest fun from kenya

  58. Ibrah says:

    Hi.Im a young talented singer of 16 years who sings at my school talent shows na napenda lebo ya wassafi.i dream of being under the logo.Plz hear me out coz hata wewe ulkuwa a talented tu kama mimi and so nothing iz imposible.Namba yangu hii 0716877100

  59. Ibrah says:

    Hi.Im a young talented singer of 16 years who sings at my school talent shows na napenda lebo ya wassafi.i dream of being under the logo.Plz hear me out coz hata wewe ulkuwa a talented tu kama mimi and so nothing iz imposible.

  60. Brian Jamaal says:

    mambo ya kwako msanii? ungali wapakua sifa toka rohoni zetu Mr nakutii sana tena nakuenzi kama IDOL wangu salute za kikweli msee #0740100741—jamaalbrian9@gmail.com

  61. Raysah caezer hotnumz boy says:

    Hi,braz(diamond ningependa niwasili tandale yaani huku wasafi classic baby naomba ya tafrahan utapik ma request)your young boy from kenya~lodwar

  62. vincent says:

    i want your 4n no coz i want to join illuminati but i have but failed

  63. Evans Ochieng says:

    i like ur work mr d i can i found you mr dogo ?

  64. albyeraet says:

    Wasaf, Respect to Platnumz. I can’t say I am your biggest fun but I do love your music. I would like to learn how to bring the crowd up as you do. Be my mentor. I wanna be clean. Keep raising bongo bro. I will email you with more details

  65. uliem judith or Viviancy says:

    hi diamond good day ,am uliem Judith from IMO state::::: I really love ur music not because it s fun but it always has meaning ::pls I wanto work under u as a dancer,I can dance v v very well,,dis s my line.09061519938

  66. edward says:

    mambo vp diamond nakukubar kwa nyimbo zako

  67. Judy Kay says:

    Hi Diamond am Judy from Kenya napenda mziki wako sana nina kipaji cha kuimba pia kudance naomba nambari za kwako ndiposa tuweze kuzungumza kwa vile nahitaji usaidizi wako nakuomba kaka nambari yangu ni 0712903828

  68. Judy Kay says:

    Hi Diamond am Judy from Kenya napenda mziki wako sana nina kipaji cha kuimba pia kudance naomba nambari za kwako ndiposa tuweze kuzungumza kwa vile nahitaji usaidizi wako nakuomba kaka

  69. Bev Sibanda says:

    Hi Diamond my name is Bev i am a dancer from Zimbabwe I really nid to feature on yr videos pliz +2630783217560 thats my #thank yu

  70. Moffat. says:

    Napenda kazi yako.

  71. Danny Dwight says:

    Hi,diamond,I am incoming bongo artist from kenya,by so far I have written 5 songs.but my dreams is to shoot them to WCB records.can I get help please.0728220253

  72. Shadow spencer says:

    Vipi chibu,,,,,bab tale na salaam mendezz wako freshi? Im ur fan yani mimi ni kama balozi wako mtaani . Wengine uniita diamond,,,,,. Nakuomba cku yenye utaniskia hewani ningepeda uniskize kwa umakini.(0719747849)

  73. Loveness wa dar says:

    Niko Na tatizo kubwa Na nahitaji nikutane Na diamond nimweleze….so please naomba kujua kama naweza kuonana nae au kuongea nae my no 0657369876

  74. Sixstars says:

    Helloh simba kweli unakubalika,when I see through your life history am really empowered, it has been hard for me to come out as a good musician,I do need you guidance,really like your hits my contact is +2540705848955

  75. jonas sines says:

    mambo simba mm nakupenda sana ata naniko nataka unhelp ni ingie illuminati niwe ka ww my no +254798197833 plz ni kal??

  76. helloo diamond again is ur boy josephat frm kenya,i need ur help plc,niko na kipaji cha kuimba na kurap but cna m2 wa kunisuport,plc king of bongo naomba unisaidie,plc i need ur 4n no.nikucol tuongee,ama unaeza nicol nipate contact yako,thank u says:


  77. Martha says:

    Hi Nasib #daddy to Tiffah love your music here in Kenya unatisha duh!

  78. Xxtra b leaky says:

    Naitwa xxtra b leaky ktoka kenya nataman xana kupata no ako pliz nifanye musik na hyo lebu ya kwako pliz +254799196304

  79. jrd says:

    jxt wnt 2 be asnger plz hlp me plz

  80. Wyco pizzo pizzo says:

    Iam wyco pizzo from kenya am one of biggest fun.keep it up!!!.

  81. shizzo wcb says:

    diamond nataka nije wcb nikko na nyimbo na pesa

  82. omary super says:

    daaah kaka umetisha sanas yani nakubali ngoma zako zote brother endelea ku2pa mautamu by Ommy super kutoka pande za tanga Tanzania
    plz nichek…0713228747

  83. Aka Alovalo says:

    Eeeh Diamond Ur Always My Best Rollmodel{19346517kenya}

  84. Thapelo says:

    I’m your big fan diamond can I please have your numbers

  85. susan kamau says:

    hy diamond….i am your big fan from kenya …please help me witb your number…+254715507939 my no:-)

  86. Anonymous says:

    hi simba,baba nillan iam rodgers from kenya big fan of you and your music i want to talk to you,call me 0704472201

  87. rodgers mwwnja says:

    hi simba,baba nillan i want to talk to you,call me 0704472201

  88. Moses Oduor says:

    Hello Diamond,am in Kenya i have a lot of interest in your songs and you act as a role model to me . By now have started writing a swahili song known as SAFARI YA MAPENZI. I have arequest that you help me bring it out clearly . My phone no. is +254797078330.God bless you

  89. De best stargirl says:

    Diamond I am 10yrs old I want to be like you I want you’re number, I’m actually a girl.

  90. shaqula from kenyan coast says:

    hi diamond i wanna talk to u would you mind calling me my number 0701625310

  91. samuel paul says:

    “Tukimbizane nini salome wangu.” Hi baba tiffah? all the best for your talent

  92. pheona Akoth says:

    Mambo diamond…congrats for the hardwork .can I have a small favour from you?

  93. Shaliz says:

    Hello dear you are my biggest fun I love your music I really would love to meet you in person dear I know it’s hard but maybe one day I will and I hope so keep rocking am not loosing hope even if its only a pic I’ll be fine satisfied I’ll be happy love you my fun B

  94. drancan japan says:

    hy diamond mi wanita drancan japan ktoka kenya m bado mbichi sana ktk nyimbo lkn naweza kuunda rmx yyote ktk wimbo wako ””nimpende nani”” na nkiongeza jumvi yangu unaweza kuwa mtamu sana na kupendwa na waja wengi sana je mi nakwomba unpigie simu ili tufahamiane first ndo mengine yafyate thanks na ninakuomba uweze kuyajibu maombi hapo kuansia kesho usiku mwema simba wa tz

  95. I'm mercy chebet says:

    I like your song’s , love you mmmmwhhh

  96. Odumbe Platnumz says:

    I Lyk Ua Xongx And I Axkd U To Come In Kenya At Rusinga Island In Homabay County To Xing For De Pple

  97. mara.jodocy@gmail.com says:

    6 Songs I want to sing with you.Husna from Belgium

  98. Heavern barnaba says:

    hi my bro uko pw i know that uko pw bt i wanna giv u big up coz unakubalika thna take my no 0652427105 and call me plz

  99. HUSNA.mara.jodocy@gmail.com says:

    Hi Diamond.I dont want to talk alot.In short I have 6 songs I want to sing with you.But kibaya ni kuwa siko AFRICA niko BELGIUM I dont know if you can come.That was a stupid thought,I know you can come.I am very serious.The first Song is an English Song and I want to sing it with Patoranking Under Wasafi.BITTE antwort gleich.Dont worry we speak german.If I was with Tiffa ningemfundisha German and also French BUT HAJASHELEWA BADO.Msalimie Zari na Riaz.I stay in BELGIUM MEDELL. Say hallo to RAYVANNY MWAMBIE I love him alot.Ashapata kiki ama bado?Tschüss.

  100. Husna says:

    Hi Diamond.I dont want to talk alot.In short I have 6 songs I want to sing with you.But kibaya ni kuwa siko AFRICA niko BELGIUM I dont know if you can come.That was a stupid thought,I know you can come.I am very serious.The first Song is an English Song and I want to sing it with Patoranking Under Wasafi.BITTE antwort gleich.Dont worry we speak german.If I was with Tiffa ningemfundisha German and also French BUT HAJASHELEWA BADO.Msalimie Zari na Riaz.I stay in BELGIUM MEDELL. Say hallo to RAYVANNY MWAMBIE I love him alot.Ashapata kiki ama bado?Tschüss.

  101. patric elisha says:

    i’m your fun from kenya and would like to get your numbers

  102. Anonymous says:

    helo platnumuz ? im vinyii from kenya n nngependa support yako kmzik brother n this is my contact 0703694077.napia nngependa kuwa mmoja wenu

  103. Suleman huseni says:

    what i love abt u the most is ur voice, mr diamond

  104. musah says:

    how can i communicate to diamond platinumz directly

  105. rayvanny b boy says:

    Hi,diamond daianvsuhfjbcuovswwycfjndddyjjdehjjidssccvtdryuhgftg

  106. Iam Austin Makos says:

    Hey Diamond Iam Austin Makos From Kenya.I Love Your music And Even You.I Need To Have A Collabo With You. My Number is 0703748618

  107. josephat mokomba says:

    helloo diamonda am josephat from kenya i have been ur fun of ur songs since 2008 till now nimekua nikitamani sana niwe the best singer of bongo from kenya like u but ni ile sikuangi na uwezo,naomba unisaidie kujoin illuminati niwe kama wewe plc send me ur 4n no.or contact me on 0718926393,thank u.

  108. debby says:

    hello diamond I am your big fun I love your songs and your history Iove to sing I do it better I believe you can help me reach my dreams I wont let you down my contact on +918790033402.

  109. Chitepete Goodson says:

    hi diamond i hope his message will reach to u i want u to help me to join the freemason as u join plz contact me at thi number +260979031864 Or +260976495775 plz i’m ur biggest fan and i’m 20yrs old and i’ve got a talent in music am a zambian, plz diamond i need u to help me plz.

  110. Christine says:

    Hi Diamond want to be a musician pls help me achive my goals cause i all ready know how to sing and is a beacause i dont have money ormy parents do not have pls dont shatter my dream help me cause i know you are one in amillion you helped Harmonize

  111. Roland says:

    Hi Diamond,i love u music n i like to get in touch with you i need your number mine is 0705193373

  112. Anonymous says:

    hey diamond demelo lulu frm zimbabwe she z a big fun of u nakupenda chem chem can i be ur friend am related to fernado frm naija so hw iz tanzania

  113. BIGG PENCHEZ says:

    haez bro,i love ur music i wish to be lyk u 15yrs to came from now

  114. arnold santo says:

    hi diamond,i hope yhis message will reach to u i want to tell u that i want u to help me to join the freemason as u join plz contact me at this number +254729617420/+254797506367 plz i’m ur biggest fan and i’m 14yrs old and i’ve got a talent and reach me on facebook @arnold santo.

  115. arnold santo says:

    hi diamond,i hope yhis message will reach to u i want to tell u that i want u to help me to join the freemason as u join plz contact me at this number +254729617420/+254797506367 plz i’m ur biggest fan and i’m 14yrs old and i’ve got a talent.

  116. arnold santo says:

    hi diamond,i’m ur biggest fan and i am 14yrs and i would like to reach u i want to tell u something but i can tell u in phone….In ur career do not forgot god coz he has put u where ur today and ur new song kokoro@by@rich mavoko@u.

  117. FAITH says:


  118. olgah latifah says:

    hi diamond am latif from nirobi am a big fun of yours and i really love the way u clad lve u big dady tiffa mwaaaa plz reply

  119. king vokee says:

    mie n msanii chipkizi kutoka western kenya na bro diamond naomba unisaidie angalau my talents pia mim ionekana my no 0705586769

  120. Sebisanga43@gmail.com says:

    Hivi kweli nasikia wimbo ulio mshilikisha Neyo uliachia ukiwa nigeria kweli simbaaa?

  121. Sebisanga43@gmail.com says:

    Kweli ukiwa nigeria uliachia wimbo mpya uko na Neyo ni kweli nakupenda sana simba kiboko yao.

  122. Sebisanga says:

    Habari za leo nasikia umdachia wimbo mpya ukiwa Nigeria uko na Neyo nikwe simbaaa!

  123. Sebisanga43@gmail.com says:

    Habari za leo nasikia umetoa wimbo na Neyo ukiwa nigeria kweli? Nakupenda sanaaa simba wa africa.

  124. suleman huseni says:

    hi! mr diamond. i can’t just undstd why i listen to yr sgs through out the day . plz i want u to come to cameroon

  125. Diamond platnumz says:

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