Don Jazzy Contact Phone Number and Email Addres

 don-jazzy-contact-phone-number-email-addres -- contact-don-jazzy -- phone-number-don-jazzy -- email-don-jazzyDon Jazzy Contact Phone Number and Email Address : That’s the Management Phone Number and Direct Email Address Use “Don Jazzy Contact Phone Number” , Mail “Email Address” , to reach him

Don Jazzy Contact Phone Number and Email Address

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Call: +234 816 059 2518.




  1. Pls sir i want to pay my school fee am a student of (kwasu) kwara state university please sir my name is suliat salam this is my number 07011322311/08106708328

  2. pls sir I need your help sir I need your help sir immediate help I know you can only help have been heard you always help sir I will be very happy if u can help me sir this is my number 09064567236

  3. Hello am Linda roshin Ugandan, 23 yes and Ugandan based model and upcoming dancer just have the lov3 for marvins would lobe to join in ur crew ur reply my pleasure

  4. Hello am Linda roshin from Uganda I have been trying to reached to any line connecting me to Marvins record label am a model aged 23 Ugandan based and I also do dancing although I haven’t uplifted my career but I have the love of music and would love to join Marvin record label as a model and dancer, just help me allow me the chance to reach out to ur reply my pleasure thanks

  5. Good morning sir my name is Richie boy am upcoming artist sir i need your please sir help i promise to do the Best sir my father is very poor will don’t have money to promote my songs have many good tracks sir am a rapper what i need for you is your help sir i no you are a good man sir please help me i no you can help me that’s why i com to you sir please sir thanks for ready may my god bless you sir am one of you good fans this is my number 08136980265 boss am waiting for your call thanks very much if you hear my song you will love it i swear

  6. Good morning sir my name is Richie boy am upcoming artist sir i need your please sir help i promise to do the Best sir my father is very poor will don’t have money to promote my songs have many good tracks sir am a rapper what i need for you is your help sir i no you are a good man sir please help me i no you can help me that’s why i com to you sir please sir thanks for ready may my god bless you sir am one of you good fans

  7. Greeting Sir Boss Of Mavin Recod My Name Is Guidian Benjamin Music Name Decenci Boy I’m Frm Akwa Ibom State(22 Yrs)i’m using this opportunity to call on u jazzy fr help i hv more than a passion fr music i hv seek fr help left right an center untill i get this opportunity to communicate with u all my desire an dream is wanting to be a music star pls boss i will be so enlighting an greatful if u count on me an make me to be part of mavin family pls sir i really need ur help in my career thanks God Bless U An Keep U Going In Jesus Amen.
    this is my number

  8. Good morning to u Boss,and to all the Marvin name is Darlington Donald but musically I go by the name SKEVA.I am upcoming and I hail from Abia state but reside in PH city.sir,ur style of production and impact in music industry is what kept me going.I am a singer and I wish to be called up by u 4 an Audition or music test.will be glad to hear 4rom u.07066986761

  9. my name is EZE Godwin i am up comeing artist i can sing and i can allso rap with igbo language pls sir i want u to help me i been sarching for a way to meet u so that i can explain to u i really appreciate u sir because i no u will do that to me may God bless u and mavin record group here is my number 08115420825/08145931211 thanks God will reward u for your kindness forever and ever Amen

  10. Don am sorry for what I wrote on your wall,it’s are typographical error,what I actually wanted to write was HELLO DON and not HELLO SON,am so so sorry just forgive me.God Bless you from JULIFRESH.

  11. hello boss I greet
    you’re just like a God father to me
    I leave up to ur
    you motivate me each time I listen to your speech
    tank you boss for your word which inspired me always

    tank u sir

  12. Good Day
    I Am An Upcoming Artist From Benue State
    I Have Been Into Music Game About Two Years Now
    Am I Don’t Have Help From Anywhere
    I Will Be Very Happy If You Can Sign Me As An Artist In Mavins Recordz

  13. I give golry to God almighty that I this was Ted fist Time I will write a comment to a popular musical online. so please I needed your support In my music career. my phone number!. 07014965484/08025357182

  14. good day sir, am Henry Isaac by name and am so much in love with music, sir, I can sing very well and I really needs a help from you guys to bring out one track for naw, sir, I do not have anybody to help me and am ready to give anything it takes to come under the mavins record, sir, I base in warri and I will be very gratefully if u can consider me sir, music is my life.

  15. Hi,am ossai uju 4rm Enugu state popularly known as kapriya in my area,sir, underal stand you r a business man so I will cut my talk to chest,sir pls I need you to look into my talent n see how you can help m reach my peak in my music carrier

  16. hello sir … name is Young D. am an upcoming artiste wit very much potentials and i have written a lot of songs and also recorded two of my songs… sir pls i will really need a help from a boss like u to help me showcase my talent ……i will hope to hear from you and if you want i can send you the demo of my song….+22999948497….email

  17. guys why wasting your time here you are not going to see any result all what donjaz need from you guys is to buy his album to help him achieve his big goals and we all know he achieved is goal through his fans,so where wasting time here go out there and make things happen because you guys can’t be only good @ only helping people to achieve there goal you should also stand to achieve yours as well

  18. sir please I no that I am not up to your standard but I really need your help I what to weep away my fa
    mily pain because I can’t bear it pls help me

  19. please don ,I don’t mind serving you,i have the gift of dancing and acting,all I need is a sponsor to help me..make me your boy.thanks,08144730271,08021209095

  20. Hi lm Aisha lm 16year old year lm speak French good plise help me l love music musique is my life lm a woman African and Muslim thanks​ salaam

  21. Am Olamide from Lagos at gown estate please sir I really need your support in my Music Industry I will be happy if u can do it for me,i sing choirs and rapping but I try to meet you but no but sir I really need your support in my Music Industry career

  22. Pls brother i want to setup my shoe making biZness, I want to rent a shop and buy shoe filing/smoothening machine. Pls I need your help “no amount is small”. Acct details: wema bank; 02327190782; ibitoye taofeek. My number 08154530030. God bless u sir.

  23. Sir donjazzy am micheal Paul by name am 21 years old, i am a music artist in Aba abia state and am from ihechiowa in Arochukwu L.G.A Sir i want to apply to your great establishment i have been wishing to be a member of your establishment sence ijoined music industry Sir Mavins records have always been my dream record label Sir i hope and belive that my wish will be granted thanks for your corporation 07016937682 Naija prince

  24. Good evening Sir jazzy am a music artist music is my Life,my world,my carriera my girlfriend my boyfriend Sir i have been dreaming of being a member mavins record Sir i belive one day dream will come to pass am from ihechiowa in Arochukwu L.G.A in Abia state in nutshell Sir don jazzy i strongly belive that god will answer my call

  25. please oga donjazzy, is your number 1 fans. please oga i am terlented in singing, i have 11 emmity18@gmail

  26. Gooeay boss am eva by name and am a 20 years old upcoming singer from anambra state,i lives in portharcourt and i need your help sir and i will be happy if i see my self as a celebrity and a member of MAVIN RECORD.I can prove that i am talented pls help me sir and may God bless you if my pleading with tears touch your heart.Am eva and this is my phone number 08142367347 my facebook user name is eva nwosu.God bless you.Big up to supreme mavin dynasty.

  27. Goodday sir am eva by name known as phylex.Am a 20 years old upcoming artist from anambra state but i resides in portharcort.Sir as an upcoming singer i can prove it to you,am so much talented in singing and i want to make it and show my haters and discouragers that i can.But sir i can make it with your help.So what am trying to say is that i want to be signed in to your record lebel because am so much in love with “MAVIN RECORDS” and i promise to make you happy like Dija one of your star.Please BOSS help me so that i can fulfill the promise i made to my mum cause she have suffered a lot.Please sir may my pleading with tears get into your heart.God bless you as you help me,i love MAVIN RECORDS.Big up to MAVIN RECORDS.Am phylex and my phone number is 08142367347 and my facebook user name is Eva nwosu.God bless you.

  28. Who Would See Such A Talented Record Label That Wont Dream To Be Part Of You Guys,i Dnt Wanna Dream Anymore I Really Want To Be Part Of U Guys And I Promise Am Nt Gonna Be Part Of U Jst For Fun Bt For A Good Business And I Promise I Wont Let U Down.Am A Rapper And Also I Sing.Here Is My Number.09096408175

  29. Good evening sir, I here to write this letter to tell you that am 1 of you lovely fans, I am from Borno state askira local government mussa town. But now living in ilupeju lagos state nigeria, every day I pray to God may God help you and lift you up higher!! Every morning I Wake up I Here your music before resume to work (SECURITY) I love your style Don baba. You re too much! Keep Going Higher

  30. baba mr don jazzy .my
    name is . shine fine pls my baba help I am every talented I have many music but no help .pls help me fada pls .my real name is Obidience Ebong pls help me baba mavin God bls u forever amen pls help me vocation number 07085640823

  31. Iam singer and a rapper, and I have song with your name jazzy nwa mama, please help me lift the veil I want be among the rising star please help for the sake of widows son this my number 08038338747

  32. plz i need to join u if possible sir i lik song am frm adamawa plz help me 2 join ur group plz God bless u an give u anything u need

  33. May GOD GRANT YOU ALL YOUR HEART DESIRES. In jesus name amen….. By touching the heart of don jazzy to sign you all in…… Good luck guys

  34. pls sir i need your help i can dancing and i also singing am good in dancing with me now i get one tack with me no money to pay it aut that is why i need help if not you i did see other preson that can help me pls oga donjazzy i love all am timothy joshua atung by name here is my phone number 08104491934 thank you boss donjazzy

  35. I don’t have money, but i want to get to be signe. I’m #Don’s my number.08103669077. Oga boss

  36. help dose nt cum like a miracle
    when u huzle u will get dere
    aldo am still a young upcoming artist but with the kinds of hands i have meet in d game am shure one day me go elevate, why i say dat help dose nt cum easy is dat when u are upcoming artist dat is knwn by no body then u are not an artist becouse i am also cuming frm deir i hv parform in a show dat dj spinall did in phcity bt heirt notthing change me from upcoming if only u can change ur self, then the industry will gat there eyes on you, i am still looking up to donJ, thanks

  37. help dose nt cum like a miracle
    when u huzle u will get dere
    aldo am still a young upcoming artist but with the kinds of hands i have meet in d game am shure one day me go elevate, why i say dat help dose nt cum easy is dat when u are upcoming artist dat is knwn by no body then u are not an artist becouse i am also cuming frm deir i hv parform in a show dat dj spinall did in phcity bt heirt notthing change me from upcoming if only u can change ur self, then the industry will gat there eyes on you thanks

  38. Oga don jazzy am wiszrel by name and am 2o year old pls help me out i need a help 4rom u pls sir i have a sweet voice and i have song s sir am 4rom abia state but am na in lagos na in maryland dis is my number sir 09020256977 or 09067964706

  39. I am olamilekan busayo am a singer I really need mavins record assistance on my music career, I will be very glad if you can help me .
    Reach me with this number sir 09035154638

  40. everyone is saying”I want to be like you” pls help me. if Boss jazzy didn’t help himself he wouldn’t have been where he is…struggle make a video, gradually you will get there, he can’t help everyone, and music is also not for everyone

  41. Hi boss I will be the next to blow if you can sign me I will be dropping song’s every month here’s ma contact boss 08161216295

  42. oga don jazzy is your number one fans, i am in need of your help, i am talented with music i get many track,thank you. my phone number is 09079693691


  44. I can sing and also dancing i want to join the mavin pls i need ur help, i am a up coming singer here is my Contact Number: 08160789585 pls call me and God will keep on blessing you. Amen

  45. My name is Elvis and I am really talented in music, but I have not been able to get signed into any record label….don jazzy i would really appreciate if you could assist me….God bless you and your music….

  46. Am a graduate of agricultural education from university of calabar, currently serving my country but in d course of my Nysc, I wish to start a business of my own.. pls big bros,I need ur help07034672024

  47. Am tommzy tee by name, I live in ikotun, am a musical, please I wish to become an artist through Mavins record. and if you have anything in power to help or assist me at musical level please render the help for me. here is my mobile number… 08138400196

  48. Boss is me your boy Johnson boss I have a tAlented brother is name is jo really he have meet korede in Abuja the Guy is good boss I can sand his tracks to your email or lnstagram .boss if should prove this boy in your record label you will like him like korede

  49. I am a 15 years old rapper and I have great potential and I have won many rap battles I have four songs and I promise not to disappoint you

  50. Good day sir. And all so my greeting to all mavi. i am from kogi state. i can sing but their is no money pls i what u to help out oga don jazzy i what to boy

  51. Pls i need help from u sir I am artists so much gifted I do all genres of music I did “Revolution”which everybody is commenting on the song whenever i go to shows to perform it I was asked to blow the song that this is the time for the song to blow unfortunately I couldn’t becos of finacial constrain pls I want u to sign me and blow my songs thanks in anticipation…..

  52. Don jazzy am in of ur help am from poor home am a student am in bonny i attend finima girl and this is my number 08125159731

  53. please I wI’ll like to sign up with mavin, I am a man that loved music alot and I can sing, write and compose music , please Sir, I want to become a music star through you.I am ready to sign up.

  54. Gud day all mavins dynasty members am a student Nativity college Makurdi and am interested in music and I know how to start I need ur help 09033453941

  55. i love mavins, is my best evr, i wont to be pat of mavins i hav my songs wet me my name is adekunle diamond, god bless mavins, this is my number 08105565434, god bless mavins.

  56. i love mavins, mavins is my best evr, i wont too be pat of you donjazz hlp me pls my name is adekunle diamond, i have my sogs wet me, pls hlp me god blss mavins, dis is my number 08105565434

  57. Happy New Year Celebration to all Fans of Mavin Records


    Good Day Distinguish Ladies and Gentlemen
    Greetings to you from the MAVIN RECORDS

    Are You Aware That SMD Records Are Searching For Young Talented Once in the MAVIN MUSIC INDUSTRY

    These are the following below

    1. Singing

    2. Dancing

    3. Modeling

    4. Script Writing

    5. Fashion Designer (Tailoring)

    6. DJ

    7. Stylist

    8. Cosmetologist (Makeup Artist)

    If You Are Been Blessed in any of those Talent this is your opportunity of becoming a STAR By Showcasing your God Bless Talent on the next Upcoming Interview For Further useful Information on how to apply Contact these Numbers below

    Contact Number:
    +234 905-3311-922

    WhatsApp Number:
    +234 808-0849-049

    For Marketing and Production on Audio and Video

    For Invitation to Play in any of the following:
    Marriage Ceremony
    Get together Party (etc)
    Contact The Numbers below

    Contact Number:
    +234 905-3311-922

    WhatsApp Number:
    +234 808-0849-049


    This is your opportunity for being signed into Mavin Records

    NOTE: The Feeding, Accommodation and Transportation will be taking care by Mavin Records Label

    If you have any body who is well talented In Music also get them informed

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    Mavin Records.

  58. Bold and steady always. The fear of a failed future always place me on the run. The name Marvin always strike like a thounder in my ears when ever I want to infuse my dreams into lyrics of my songs. I wish I can be given opportunity to contribute to the imortality of MARVIN’s idiology. With or without me, MARVIN is going to stand through but wish to be part of its history. I’m humble and cool, respectful I stick to rules of engagement. I’m easily known as Bobby2naiz on face book, twitter, instagram, youtube even on google search. I sing good ryrical and transperence music.

  59. My brother is a good musican,stage name is Eazyone kayode,he has really suffered because of this music stuff,he now base in south african, i will b happy if u can sign him in your crew sir. he really have good music like ‘oluwa mi’,’dope girl’,’we go make ham’,’chineke mo’,’Biko’,,whatsap me let me play them for you that my number 09063823362 sir

  60. oga don jazzy I need you in My life .I like your way help me pls as God answered your prayer let you answer My own am a good talented rapper My stage name is young Tc pls sponsor me I like Mavin’s record so much this is My number 09065864519 or 09052641068 thank you don jazzy help me.

  61. My Father, My Lord Don Jazzy My Name Is Khalifa Lawal But My Stage Name Is Known As LIL~YUNG am 14 years old Am A Yung Rapper And Singer I Do Write Lyrics, Chorus Also Good In Dancing I Want To Be A Super Star Like You My Father I No You Can Help Me Thank You Sir May God Bless You Abundantly As You Help Me Cause I Believe Am Already In The Mavins Label For Sure My People Am Greeting Reekado, Tiwa, Korede, Dprince, Dija My Love, Dr Sid, And My Father Don Jazzy Only You Is Your Boy Lil Yung

  62. Baba DonJazzy please i need help am a good rapp and sing i can write no body to help please help me i like your label i will give u good things good song… God will bless you more belss your business…. 09030496834 is my number please help me

  63. Please oga don jazzy help me, i’m terlinted with music, but no money, abeg baba help me, my phone number:08178138218. my nick name is emmitexy.

  64. Oga don jazzy tuale pls sir
    I am sixtten yrs old girl and
    I am talented I can sing and
    I can dance I need u to sign
    Me pls sir into the mavins ti
    Wa savage is my role model asin
    she is awesome I love her I love
    The mavins and I want to be one of u

  65. My regard to you Don jazzy for your good work you have been doing for pore people may Almighty God continue to bless you with long life and prosperity day by day in Jesus name.
    i am upcoming artist but i don’t have any body by the side that can help me to achieved my dream that is why i come to you sir if you can bless me as you bless others. my number is this sir 08099787948.

  66. Sir, I want to be a star. The gift of singing, arting, and play writing is almost becoming useless to me. Please, I have the Passion. But it becomes useless when there is no one to help only because you don’t have the money manse. I have seen and heard Lot’s of young artist who had almost felt the way I feal. But today, life is okay for them through God first then you. I can be what I want to be with that little help.once again my names are, Mark Anthony Sulunteh. Cell # +231776786834/+231886421687 God bless your vision and the people that work with you.

  67. Sir, I want to be a star. The gift of singing, arting, and play writing is almost becoming useless to me. Please, I have the Passion. But it becomes useless when there is no one to help only because you don’t have the money manse. I have seen and heard Lot’s of young artist who had almost felt the way I feal.

  68. I know this can’t be real but if it is i need you to to help me out please i can sing,rape,entertain in fact test me and see what I can do 08139180148

  69. Dear Sir, I am a Nigerian Swiss my name is Nathanael called NJ. I am 30 years old, live in Switzerland. I am writting and sing Rap. I had some concert and some of my song came in some radiostation. But here in Switzerland it doesn’t move well. Please can you help me. I was never been in Nigeria yet.
    My contact: 0041779729425

    Thank you.

  70. Dear Sir I am a Nigerian Swiss I am Nathanael, called NJ .I am 30 years old, I am writting and rap since about 7 years, I play on radio station, I had some concerts sometime but in Switzerland it doesn’t move well. Please Sir I need some help. I was never in Nigeria before.
    Please that is my contact 0041779729425. Thank you.

  71. I love d Nigerian music industry a lot I sing in my church and wud want to develop this God’s given talent of mine through one of this sussceful people in d industry pls I leave in the United States my number is +18327985894

  72. I look up to God to help me ni ooo,but I don’t know who he will send to me,I only knows that I have what it takes to be a super star and if God wants you will call me 08024598543 what I do best is song writing and singing

  73. Baba Don Jazzy please am a rapper have been looking for someone to sigh me please I need your help this my number 08161668223 am from Ondo State

  74. hi there, My names are Lovert Nfor popularly known as Rabby Banks. am 18 years old.Am a talented DJ,Singer/Rapper and Choreographer.With your help,i would like to promote my talent in these categories… please look for a way to help me…

  75. Am, I dnt know what to say that no one has not said but all I knw is dat you sir, you are God’s send to this side of d planet n u have change lives of so many people indeed u are an icon n u are not creedy at all. I want use this opportunity to say LOVE SINGING n any my frnd begs me to sing for her birthday n people always tel me I hav an amazing voice n that I can. Can’t really explain my ation for music but I hav not been given d opportunity to express my self n it has always been my dream to be an artist n when I was in secondary school I join d school chior bcos I cnt do without singing pls sir I beg u in d name of Jesus pls help me n change my life and story pls I knw am nt worthy, pls help me this my phone number 08129835918 my e-mail

  76. I am young boy of 18yrs old, I see myself as a musician to be. But I have no sponsor cos am from a poor background,so pls kindly help me. God bless you all.

  77. sir,i am ayoung talent goes on music just because is my way i am 14 years old my mum try to take me further intalent but my father is corrupt,in two hundred we take daily, and my three juinor sis,brother.pls sir can you take further me with mystage and, i promise i will sarve you as friend korede bello.i try alot for musician topstar but i betrayed thank you,se bi na donjazzy it your boy damilare ,reekado,tiwa,korede,dprince,dr sid a begoooo help me,o it your boy damilare from kwarastate,NIGERIA ONE ARISE,GO FORWARD MAVIN my mum No Is:07016075086 god blees Nigeria.Thanks

  78. plz i need your help more than any thing in my live my which is to jion mavin record but no way for me i need u in my live MICKEL COLlINEC AKA DON JAZY and i srongly belive that u can change some thing in my life plz sir help my track is more than 5 very intrestin bout no monye i need your help DON JAZY my phone number 09059993063

  79. good evening sir,sir pls i need ur help,i can sing nd i want 2 be a musician one day sir,sir pls i will be really glad if u help me sir thank u sir this is my phone number sir 08174329535

  80. am talent in music most especially am good in rap and am also crippled I wana use this opportunity to tell the whole world that no matter how you are u can still make it,wana use my disability to give hope to the hopeless out there,I have a message to give to the world,please grant my request thanks……08135518250

  81. my chairman pls i need your help i.m a ph artist i have 6 tracts and 1 video .i need a sponsor pls .you can try sir my no 08064798601

  82. My Name Is Phillip Chinedu Why My Stage Name Is 2star. I’m D Second Son Of My Parents And I Lost My Parents When I Was About Entering Ss3,i Have Been Hustling But Nobody 2 Help. I’m A Singer Wit A Track And I Need Sponsor…Pls Can I Find Favour In Ur Hand,i Will B Humble And Hardworking If U Accept Me In Ur Label.Here Is My Contact Sir 08166150958…Pls Never Ignore My Request As An Orphan Thanks.

  83. pls sir my name is kelechi, am a student, I have passion for education but as it stands now I droped out of school due to financial problems, I stopped at my 200 level and can’t continue again because of money, sir pls I really need your help. I pray that the almight God will touch your heart to help me out. Thanks and God bless you. here are my contact informations .+233231748585,

  84. My name is favour golly am still a student it my dream to become a musician i have no body to help me i have done every thing i can but they are not working i am ready to do any thing pls i will not joke around with my job that is if you give it to me dis is my number 09074863029 thanks

  85. pls help maygod help u i am badest raper upcoming atist i have a 4track pls help me to be sing to mavinrecordlabel tank u my number09032385691


  87. Am Joshua Minimah form Opobo Rivers state Nigeria 23years of age……. Am good in music but no help to get into the industry…. Am form a poor home…. Am Kelvis by my stage name….. Pls sir I want help form you people if I can be given invitation I will like to come with one of my single so you see and know if you people can make anything out of me…. Am in Lagos and I stay on the street but I go to my place of work every morning and come back at night.. Am a barbar at Apapa….. Pls give me an invitation……08162404817

  88. Hello sir,am melissa by name,am from imo state,am 19 years old,please sir is my pleasure and gladness to use this special opportunity to ask for your help,i want to join you in your crew or group in order to fulfil my dream,i have so many songs to prove out but no body to help,i know that you are the only person that will help me out,please sir and my boss i really need your help,i promise to make you happy as dija is doing,pls this is my contact No:08136375932,08142550782,God bless.

  89. am a young sixteen year old also a dj and dream is to become a is my contact number +237680079372.promise not to led you down.

  90. DON JAZZY Please I Want You In My Life I Have Many Track But No Money Abeg BABA Help Me My Name Is Khalifa Awal And My Contact 08094300348

  91. i have passion for music and mavins as a whole.I live in taraba,still a student and i wish to join mavins rec.this is my number 09094164166

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