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This is a really old school way to make money online and yes you can make over $1000 a day with this but it will take time. The more and effort you put in though the faster you will get it.

In this video I show you a site making over 30k a month you can check there income reports. This is a great way to get your foot in the door of the affiliate marketing world because you will learn so much along the way.

I used to do this but made the mistake of creating multiple sites instead of one large site then got busy with other projects.

Enjoy, you online pimps!

Those of you who remember the eCom Turbo theme the first stage is nearly complete! After a few weeks of modifications it’s nearly ready to be released again. Just finished off a few things and doing final bug test So if you want to know when this is out get on the waiting list!

Been some really good feedback about the theme so far and that was only the second version after some minor beta testing on the first one.

This theme has a few good features that will save you money on apps and boost conversions. There are also ALOT of edits that can be done as well without touching any code.

The theme is getting released to first stage guys first then a few days after that will release a final release date

Have a good weekend 

Anyone who got in on the first stage we will chat in the private FB group

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