Governor Akinwunmi Ambode Direct Phone number and Email Contact – Lagos State

Governor Akinwunmi Ambode Direct Phone number and Email Contact – Lagos State

governor-akinwunmi-ambode-direct-phone-number-and-email-contact-lagos-stateThe “APC Governor of Lagos State Akinwunmi Ambode” is indeed doing his best to make the state look better , here is the  “Direct Phone number and Email Contact Address of the executive Governor of Lagos State” , Having problem as citizen or occupant of Lagos State and you will like to speak with the Governor , use the  Direct Phone number and Email Contact below to reach him , but remember is Strictly only for Official use and purpose.

The  Direct Phone number and Email Contact of Governor Akinwunmi Ambode is the real phone number , but always remember that you can connect with him via social media links below.






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Use Governor Akinwunmi Ambode’s Direct Phone number and Email Contact to reach Him


Phone Number Call : +234 809 201 5444


  1. good evening Sir, i hope everyone is fine. My name is Success Indurance, I your help. Sir you can contact me 07056059943

  2. Good morning sir. Thanking GOD for you sir for the good jobs so far in Lagos state. The governor sir, my presence on this platform is the saviour ALMIGHTY ALLAH would use you for in my life. Please sir come to my aid. I pray may GOD ALMIGHTY continue to be with you forever. He that GOD ALMIGHTY is with, none can harm. Thank you very much sir & looking forward to hear from you sir. My contact is 08091088333. GOD BLESS YOU REACHING OUT TO ME SIR.

  3. The newly erected bab wire fence under the bridge at Ojuelegba, Surulere has fallen and on the main road.

    it will interest the Lagos state government to know that the job is just about a month and has shown that its shoddy and a waste of tax payers money.

    Kindly use your good office to ensure that the contractor returns to site to do the needful as Lagos State with her high accolades should not allow a job that is less than globally accepted standard.

    Thanks you

    Mrs Olulade Deborah

  4. God bless Nigeria, God bless u in honor of making a better to country thank u Sir. Sir in the need of ur help I graduate from a computer school with a certificate but no money establish a shop so DAT I can send myself to the university.

  5. Your Excellency Sir, more elbows to your shoulder sir, may God continued to be with you sir, pls kindly assist me things were not easy, #200,000 to start up sometimes sir. may God continued to guide you sir, amin. 08073710204

  6. Your Excellency Sir, more elbows to your shoulder sir, things were not easy, pls kindly assist me with some money e.g #200,000. to start up with some things. may God continue to be with you an guide you sir.amin. 08073710204 Abdulhafiz Ayodele.

  7. His excellency sir, I am a graduate of Lagos state university, a Bsc holder of computer science but I find it very difficult to find a job sir, now I want to start a business but I don’t have money to do that and my father is no more….. I will appreciate if you can help me sir.08153538085. Thank you

  8. Complains On The Admission Process Of LASU
    For 2017/2018 by Oluwaseydex(m): 8:17am
    It is to my notice that Lagos State University has
    concluded the admission process and in the
    process, they have completed the shortlisting of
    their successful candidates.
    The claim is that the admission process was not
    transparent and fair based on the fact that it was
    biased by the university’s favouritism of Lagos
    There was no publication before the jamb exams
    and admission process indicating that there would
    be preferences for Lagos state indigenes.
    But instead, the university went ahead to exploit
    32000 candidates by charging them #5000 for the
    Post UTME process, and in the process, the
    university has shattered the dreams of thousands
    candidates and rendering them with no hopes for
    the next academic year.
    Moreover, the university was harsh in their decision
    to admit only 3500 candidates out of 36500
    candidates that seemed admission into the
    university. The university decided to admit just
    of the candidates, even for an exam, that grade is
    total failure. The university didn’t care of what
    happen to the remaining 90.5%. That is not fair
    Even,the so-called indigene preference was not
    and transparent. A lot of indigenes with high marks
    were not admitted while those with lower marks
    were admitted. This is corruption of the highest
    level!!, The university should look into this with
    great precision.
    Voice of the oppressed..
    and someone WITH 55.96 NON INDIGENE GOT ADMITTED

  9. Eno good ohhh! Lasu admitted only 3500 Candidate pls help us governor is too small please help ylus, it unfair ohhh out of 36000 candidate pls consider us god will help you non indigene is not giving admission ohhh please from Ogun state consider meohhh

  10. Governor Akinwumi Ambode will become the best governor Lagos state ever has if he continues his administration and development work in the magnitude and speed he’s currently going. Our studies show that Lagosians, even those in opposition appreciate him. Well done!

  11. Am happy to be here sir, am a student at laspotech am unable to sponsore myself again kindly help sir with any job, i mean ANY! Have been trying to reach u on phone but its very hard to do sir…..i write dis because i know i God can change my story through you sir! I will be glad if you can help! Am from Epe! Thank you sir

  12. Oworosoki road in bad shape. I will like to call the attention of the governor of Lagos state to the poor state of oworo road from Olojojo via L/K and Ekore.No mega city deserve this type of road.The governor had tried but there is need for more especially on road maintenance. Etesiwaju Eko lojewalogun. Thanks

  13. Oworosoki road in bad shape. I will like to call the attention of the governor of Lagos state to the poor state of oworo road from Olojojo via L/K and Ekore.No mega city deserve this type of road.The governor had tried but there is need for more especially on road maintenance. Etesiwaju Eko lojewalogun. Thanks

  14. Your Excellency Sir,I am AKINWUNMI YEMISI by name and am a native of Lagos State.For some years now,I have being trying to secure a good job with my qualification in my state but all to no avail.In addition,I have being trying to apply in the on going Lagos State recruitment but the website has not being going through.Sir,kindly use your honourable position to bring me out of this situation.Thanks in anticipation.07035173542

  15. Your excellency sir, with a sense of urgency sir kindly look into the activities of the so called UBER TECHNOLOGY COMPANY.Their operation in Lagos it’s not for the betterment of Nigerian but for capital flight.the percentage they charged is very high. Please look into this matter. Thank You sir.
    Godwin Egboyi.


    Your Excellency,
    This is to bring to your notice, the gross violation of the rules of good conduct in theongoing GCE O’level examination where supervisors and staff of Devine Help Group of Schools, Odongunyan designated as centre at in Ikorodu area of Lagos violated every ethics of good examination.

    On September 9th, 2017, I was at Devine Help Group of Schools where the mathematics papers I and II were held. The manner with which the supervisor for this paper conducted herself throughout the period of the examination ridiculed the integrity of the examination in the centre.
    This was perfected in concert with the staff and proprietor of the school
    because they were clearly seen to be involved.

    I also observed that some tutorial centers brought groups of candidates to the examination hall and they were visibly standing by the windows without the supervisor querying their presence at such a close range when the examination was in progress.

    At the end of the first paper, I queried one of those standing close to the window if he was a staff of the school when he started distributing flyers to waiting parents outside the compound. (See photocopy of flyer) It was then he told me he
    brought his candidates.

    At the end of the first paper, some innocent candidates complained that those who wish to be helped were asked to pay a sum of 500 for each subject or N10000 to cover the whole duration of the examination. The invigilators were said to have compiled a list of all those who paid and were thus separated from those who did not
    pay. Photocopies of prepared answers were later distributed to those who paid
    the levy.

    It should not be a surprise that 3/4 of those in the centre paid and were moved to the top floor of the hall to the sheer indifference of the woman who supervised the examination.

    It then dawned on me that this is a special center perfected by a syndicated group. It is unfortunate that some of us had our children/ wards posted to such a centre.

    I would not have been bothered to put this petition to the council because I expected monitors to go round to see what was going on in the centers but none was visible here.
    The reason I got angered by the whole scene was when the supervisor did not
    show up on time for the 2nd paper.

    The paper which was scheduled to end by 3:30pm was yet to start by 3:40pm when other
    centres would have rounded up. I then approached the head teacher of the school
    to complain about what was going on in the school and the subsequent delay of
    the objective paper.

    Eventually the supervisor arrived 3:50pm. As usual, the separation of those who paid was done and the few that did not pay were asked to remain on the ground floor. Forty-five minutes after, all those upstairs had finished and the answer script submitted.

    At exactly 1hr (5:00pm) after the commencement of the paper, those who did not pay were compelled to stop for a paper that was to last 1½hrs. Later, the affected
    students started crying.

    Irked by this, I was compelled to step into the class and confronted the woman that her action was unprofessional and unbecoming of a mother. I then told her the time
    she arrived for objective paper and that the students should have stopped by
    5:30 which would have been 1½hrs. The supervisor insisted that she was mandated
    to spend 1hr by WAEC. I then pointed out the timing on the question paper to

    If WAEC is serious about curbing exam malpractice, people like this lady should be sanctioned and schools like Devine Help Group of Schools and its staff should be investigated and sanctioned accordingly.

    Cheating is a daily affair in this centre. You don’t need any expertise to be able to detect from afar that those at the top floor are all involved in cheating as they
    could be seen moving and changing locations.

    The council should act fast on this reported case as this is a daily affair.

    Yours faithfully,
    Olajide Kolawole F.

  17. Good day sir my name is rasheed oseni I am part of those that work for lasiec.the recent local government election.sir some of us av not received our money yet I hope u do something about it sir God bless Lagos state

  18. Your Excellency sir,
    On behalf of millions of masses living at Ayobo Ipaja LCDA,. The Camp David Isefun road, which the sign board reads at Ayobo, the construction only stops not quite 20meters along Ayobo Isefun Camp David road. People along this axis are really suffering. It was observed that the road had being commissioned by you, but it was a commissioner that came and we believed that it could be an arrangement. The construction only stopped at Badec petrol station not even going along Ayobo Camp David road,which is in Lagos State,but was diverted to Ogun State while those of us at Isefun Camp David road are suffering. The journey of 5minutes if the road is tarred is now taking well over 1hour. We pray that our Governor should as a matter of urgency visit this area to have a first hand information concerning this area of Alimosho. When this axis is linked LASU Iba road it will decongest so many congested areas. Long live Lagos State Long live Alimosho Long live our Governor. Itesiwaju Eko lo he was logun oo.

  19. Sir, I have retired since August 2015, and all we hearing from the authority is that your more will be paid soon, I believed that if the officers involved are interested in suffering people my Governor is never interested in such, sir l beg in the name of God Almighty to instruct those involved to pay our money. Retirees are suffering. The Almighty God will continue to be with you and your administration.

  20. Your Excellency sir,good day and God bless u for the good works u are doing in Lagos state.i pray that God will continue to grant u greater wisdom and understanding in Jesus Name.Sir,in the last one week our PSP Operator in Vgc have not been able to carry dustbin in the entire Estate and i understand its Lagos state govt.that is not allowing them into the dumpting site sir.pls kindly assist us sir to avoid epidemic.God bless u sir.itesiwaju eko,loje wa logun!

  21. sir my name is ridwan adegbenro i need ur help sir pls sir help me ……i need help pls help….my contact is 07035300837.

  22. Am writing from Lawanson crescent off Kayode street Onipanu Lagos. Sir we need you to solicit on our behalf by telling power holding company to give light since 3weeks we hav been on darkness due to complain on outrageous bill sending to us every months. Thank you sir.

  23. Please sir am a business boy, I deal on any types of scrabe such as condeam motor,condeam batteries, inverter batteries, condeam iron, copper wires, and aluminum,and I also need a business from you, I believe you, please don’t look down on my massage,my number 08138894476

  24. greetings to you my Governor,when r u coming home Sir,Epe town or can I see in town now ,I need to my brother too,mr Abiodun Akingbade,tha2nks

  25. Your excellency Sir, i must
    start by acknowledgeing your good governance, works and policies in Lagos state. Bravo Sir!
    i am an old friend of your family who has been finding it difficult to get in touch and will appreciate an avenue to chat directly with you over some uniqe ideas i have that will also further enhance your good work in our dear State Sir. My contacts are email phone – 08023029528.

  26. ur exellency sir,why are u adding to the poverty of ur people in lagos,u did not pay for their children school fees and u are telling ur workers to be provoking us.pls find sometin to do,sufferness is too much in nigeria.we know have and we did not have anybody to give us.anybody who seek help from u pls do ur best for them.i try to get ur contact but i did not,pls u can contact me on this line 07069549696.thank u sir,almigty allah will continued to guild u, amin.

  27. Your Excellency sir I kindly need your assistance sir I need some cash to establish my self, am fashion designer but got no shop but I know that having you as our Lagos state governor you’ll do the best for us cos I have the believe in you please sir come to my rescue may God Almighty continue to strengthen your power

  28. Mr Akinwunmi Ambode am really pleasant with what you’re doing for us in epe may God Almighty continue to bless you, I have one request a friend of mine is in orthopedic hospital igbobi he’s spinal cord got broken ( accidentally) but they’ve denied him of treatment after receiving money worth of millions of naira pls sir your assistance is needed please sir

  29. Good morning Sir, pls Sir I need ur help Sir to start a meaningful life I ave bean struggling all my life there no one to help but I heard that u ave been helping people pls Sir, help me too manage to learn barbeque chicken & fish, but their is no one to help for the equipment I need and I need connection to for this job, pls Sir Am a mother that need to Carter for my child, pls help me and am also a Nigerian. 07061587263

  30. LAGOS @50
    Ikorodu is not smiling
    Baddo is killing
    We are tired of running
    Come to our rescue
    Families are killed
    Generations are closed up
    Neighbours are aggrieved
    We need security
    Fear lives in our hearts
    Our streets are deserted
    Our homes are vacated
    Residence are fleeing…
    Authorities seems not concerned
    Poor masses lose there lives
    To the hands of ritualists
    We need some actions


    Security is one of governor Ambode’s mandate, he should fulfill his promise.

    Please keep on sharing until it get to the deaf hearing of the concern authority!.

  31. The Best Definition 4 D Word Change Lies Not In D English Dictionary But A Mere Visit 2 Epe The Aqua Capital Of Lagos State Gives U A Clearer Definition.One Could B Forgiven For Thinking He/she Was In IKoyi ,owing To D Illumination Orchestrated By Street Lightings: Rare Breeds Like Mr Governor Are Hard To Come By; A Tre Man Of His Word;i Shall & Its Done;an Iconic Son Of D Soil Who Delivered When It Realy Mattered :d Only Regret I Heard Then Was Not Getin Closer To U When U Were Invited As A Resource Person To LBS Abt 2 Yrs Ago,bcos Just Like Zacheus Who Longed To C Jesus But He Was Short,i Cd Not Cm Close Bcos Of Security Presence;john 09092561799

  32. I need ur assistance sir,i wanted to enter poly offa nd i need some money sir dis my number 08030827981 God bless nd god bless lagos

  33. His Excellency, I have an idea that can make lagos state get 100percent cleanliness if I can find favouring your sight for invitation to express my point of views which I am strongly believe that can help lagos get total cleanliness which is the priority of my Governor His Excellency Akinwunmi Ambode,. This idea will help lagos to achieve two major things
    1. It will make lagos state achieve total Cleanliness, has I have said earlier
    2. It will gives Employment, I mean make people who are jobless get a job
    I am looking forward for your reply sir
    My contact is 09073393299 email –
    I am expecting your favourable reply

  34. Hello good afternoon sir, I really enjoy ur time u have tried enough for the lagos state must especially ikorodu u providedy a convenient bus with full Ac and comfortable to sit without any stress may God continue to bless u more. Please sir am so sorry for the inconvenience this might cause u. I have two children and my husband as left me for the past two years now and am the only one paying their school fees and a house rent. Now my house rent has expired for the past 10 months now going to a year. And my Landlord has asked us parking he gave us just seven days to park. Please sir your excellency Governor Akinwunmi Ambode eni to Olorun fi ran ise yin o ni baje ni abara Jesus. So I need money to rent an apartment before ending of this month. Please if u want me to come to ur office and bring the Notice to Quit that my Landlord gave me I will bring it sit. Please any amount u can give to help me I will appreciate it sir. My Account No; is 1005590341 Zenith Bank,Odusanya Adesewa Omolara. Thank u.

  35. Your excellency the gov of the center of excellency Lagos state the commercial centre of the Federal republic of Nigeria sir am using this great opportunity to appreciate your good work for the good people of Lagos state as promise
    God will strengthen you as you fulfilled the remaining work as stated in your campaign,
    Your Excellency sir their are many places in badagry local gov that need need your critically attention area like odo ijotun a bridge,oko afo ilogbo road,ajara agbovipe itohun EREKITI ikoga road on going project but very slow, javie ikoga road,ikoga market in a bad condition,your excellency pls kindly come to our aid
    I personally will be glad if little can be on this area sir thank you sir
    Itesiwaju ilu eko lo he was logun

  36. We need u in our vicinity face to face to discuss at berger ojodu lagoswhere is the hope of the poor when only the rich are happy. Why can’t u build a home for the poor like the old Jakande Estate instead of allowing people to cry and go back to their state.

  37. Good evening I hope mr Ambode is reading my message. Apart from ur commissioners or chairmen local govt. U need to allow the youth of Lagos to share their minds at once in a month like a conference meeting. If possible u can have a department whereby informations of the youth would be gathered on daily basis summarised it for u to consume it. If not the gap between the youth and u our govt. Would be unrealistic ok.

  38. Hello sir, how are you my gov. I seek for your little kindness granting me a contract on fix and supply of tiles in any area of the on going construction. I sincerely ask for this with all humility. Eko onibaje oo

  39. His Excellency sir,hereby to complain about neighborhood safety corps recruitment that going within the state now,when they advertised the recruitment online we apply suddenly then change the site,we comply the instruction an registered with new site.later received message from the board for an interview at lekalas building Alausa,a week after which is on the 20 march 2017,I got text message from lagos state neighborhood safety agency(LNSA)around 8pm.the content of the messege you are directedto report at the NySc orientationcamp,iyana-ipaja to commence Training as Neighbourhood safety corper from today monday 20th march 2017 till tuesday 21st march2017 in the morning with the items needed for the training,with all this board bring another list entirely and tell us that is a mistake and the message wasnot from them.sir i want you to intervene into this matter.
    we belief you
    we trust you
    itesi waju eko.

  40. Good evening my governor i am a boy of 27 year of age i finish my west Africa senior school certificate examination since 2013 no money for me to further my education i need money to start up business any amount i will be so much happy about it sir this is my bank detail NAME ukeme ndarake inyang BANK first bank of Nigeria ACCOUNT NUMBER 3069412078 PHONE NUMBER 07067025417

  41. His Excellence sir,my name s Seun Adelokiki,I wnt to use Dis medium to xpress my mind to you and if u cn make me happy,d God of RCCG whom i serve wil neva leav u alone and continue his protection upon u n ur household. sir,sincerely speaking I nid ur help interms of job opportunity.I am a family man wt kids also a graduate. Have bn makin effort to get somtin doin but no capital to start up d business just to cater for myself n my family. So,Wch ever dat comes to ur mind to do ,pls n pls kindly do Sir,if dis cn b don,bcos i belief after sending u dis wonderful message,my case s settled. I wil b highly gratefull

    Adelokiki Seun. Nos 08027720231
    Itesiwaju ilu

  42. His Excellence sir,my name s Seun Adelokiki,I wnt to use Dis medium to xpress my mind to you and if u cn make me happy,d God of RCCG whom i serve wil neva leav u alone and continue his protection upon u n ur household. sir,sincerely speaking I nid ur help interms of job opportunity.I am a family man wt kids also a graduate. Have bn makin effort to get somtin doin but no capital to start up d business just to cater for myself n my family. So,Wch ever dat comes to ur mind to do ,pls n pls kindly do Sir,if dis cn b don,bcos i belief after sending u dis wonderful message,my case s settled. I wil b highly gratefull

    Adelokiki Seun. Nos 08027720231
    Itesiwaju ilu eko


  44. His Exellency Sir I Here By Seek For Your Help Am A Talented Rapper And I Need A Sponsorship From You Sir I Will Be Glad If You Can Help Me Sir 08022756562. God+you+lagos=prosperity tank u sir

  45. Good day Hon A.Amobode.please there’s is this guy in my street that goes to d transformer and wil purposely switch oFf the power and he wil ask the street to contribute money so hE can repair it just beacuse he’s an eletician he makes uS to be in d dark.he does this 3 tyms in a week and they caught him red handed he said that he do use to feed himself pls sir this boy needs to be taught a lesson for tampering wth the transformer,add, ogba,obawole kajola street my number is 08063276155.

  46. Sir, I work for someone and the person dont want too pay my money, the money is #70,000 sense last year up till now they did not give me the money,please help me{my numb 08092217598}

  47. Gud Day Sir, i want 2 further my education but i don t have money due 2 d couse of crisis in my area pls sir i need your help sir. this s my phone no: 08166972438 thank 4 your anticipation sir.

  48. Sir, good evening sir. pls i need teaching job, pls help me, i want to complet my education but i dont have money, sir if u can favour f with job i will also be more educated by doing parttime courses and i will be gateful. i even try to see you at your house @ epe on d 26/12/2016. but im just looking you i cant make it to see you. sir please assit me (07066905356) I dont av hope anywhere again but from the creator of u and i. through ur action to my qequest i know i will av reliable job. Thanks and God bless and be with you.

  49. Sup/Evang. Isreal Idowu Odunlami aka I.I. Odunlami of CCC Olorun-Iyanu Parish, Onibu-Ore Vii Agunfoye via Igbogbo, Igbogbo/Baiyeku LCDA Lagos
    December 30, 2016 at 4:30 am

    Your Excellence Sir, The Messiah of Time in Lagos. I am native of Ilogbo Eremi Olorund LCDA via Badagry Area Lagos. Sir, Ilogbo my Home & Agunfoye via Igbogbo my Office need your Service in Area of Good Roads & Light up Lagos, sothat the goodwork can countinue. We will be very glad & graithfull if our request is consider & granted. Yours in Christ, Evang. I.I.Odunlami, Itesiwaju Eko Loje Wa Logun

  50. Sup/Evang. Isreal I. Odunlami, Native of Ilogbo Eremi Olorunda LCDA via Badagry Area. Lagos State. Presently living at Agunfoye, Igbogbo/Baiyeku LCDA
    December 30, 2016 at 3:43 am

    Your Excelencey Sir, for God sake both Ilogbo Badagry Area and Agunfoye Igbogbo Area need your Service in Area of Roads and Light up Lagos, we will very happy if this Request is consider and granted. Yours in Christ. Isreal Idowu Odunlami of CCC Olorun-Iyanu Parish, Onibu-Ore vii Agunfoye. Itesiwaju Eko Lojewa Logun. APC Progrece

  51. Sir. D ongoing agricultural programs at epe do not have a sigle participant from agboyi ketu lcda.. They initially came and enrolled us at Ajegunle Ikorodu..many of the beneficiary are related. Family affairs. Not real registered famers with the furom Sir. Help us. The programs had been hijacked by cabals

  52. Your excellence sir, I hope you respond urgently to this mail, my job is at stake I have graduated from Lagos state polytechnic Ojo annex,part time since 2008 with matric number BKG/OJ/05/095 though I have claimed my notification of result but till date my national diploma certificate is not ready am always ask to check back without a specific date. And I need the certificate for promotion at work.sir look into this my life is in your contact no is 08062554644 itesiwaju eko loje wa logun

  53. Hello sir, I nid your help sir I Los my mother I don’t av a work to due now am now agent important and exportant pls help me sir may God help you sir 08085014106

  54. pls sir,I am Mrs Joshua i need ur assistance to start a petty trade in order to cater for my kids and send them to school.God bless u sir 08076262693,I really need ur help sir

  55. Gud Evnng Sir Am By Name Ernest I Have No Bdy 2 Sent Me 2 School I Have Dis Passion Doin A Small Skills Bussines Even Wit Any Small Amount Ofmoney I Can Start Wit Pls Sir Luk Thrgh Dis My Cry Am 4rm Vry Poor Background Help Me Out.Here Is Phn No 08035591679 God Wil Continu 2 Guid U Nd Ur Family

  56. Sir,
    Re: Enforcement of Regulations
    This forum ought to be proactive and not for false representation to citizens.

    Laws are made but enforcement of these laws do not commensurate with the same. To mention but a few:

    Okada riders, riding on prohibited roads with ordersity to ride against traffic.

    Restrictions on Street Hawkers.

    Churches and mosques within residential areas resulting in the constitution of noise pollution albeit LASEPA’s campaign against such . (Mostly within highly populated areas. ) This act of notice pollution is against established Regulations.

    I am a victim of the third category regardless of complaints to LASEPA.
    SANDWITCHED between two churches on 504 Ikorodu Road, Ketu. These churches , in defiance to threats of closure, continued ‘business as usual’ .
    One church was shut down three times only to reopen on each occasion with more vigour for noise and constitution of nuisance.

    I am hoping your office will follow up on this issue and pertinent ones as a commitment to enforcement of Laws and Regulations for enjoyment of your vision for Lagos State. These are enjoyed by residents of Ikoyi, Apapa and other GRA’s in Lagos.
    My contact e mail address is slyonsly@yahoo. Com

    Thanking you for your services to traffic control in Lagos State.
    Best Regards.

  57. Goodmorning sir. I wanted to inform you about the ativity of lagos state task force 1st i want you t to investigate the money the money they collected from commercial drive.sum of #22,000 will be collected without receipt.they collected this money in they office not bank payment.2nd they damage people vehicles by using it as there operation vehicle . 3rd stealing from vehicle they vandalised vehicles by Stelling car radio battery jack and extra tyres . Please sir I want you to extend your hands of invitation to this section so that your good work will not be damage my no is 08028189908

  58. dear sir my name is ota irene oviojie,i work with kangen waters machines limited, i am a wellness coach i will like to introduce this water machine to you, because it is a machine that produces high alkaline water that helps cleans your system from diabeties, fibroid athrieties etc. sir my company will like to do the presentation of the machine either in your office or your house, sir we would like you to schedule a date for the presentation and we wiil be glad to hear from you.

  59. Sir I love good works you are doing in Lagos,sir on 22/09/2016 around 11;05pm the policemen in pencinma stoped me on my way to pencima just after repairing my bus force me to lasma compound sarched my pocket and counted #6000 left me with #300 the gateman said policemen said he should collect #200 from me before opening gate Sir I left there by 11;30pm my no 08080220276 pls sir help me

  60. My Governor, I have made
    several effort to see
    you but to no avail. Please sir, if I may find favour in sight,kindly permit me to reach on email or phone no.

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