Jenifa’s Diary Contact Mobile Phone Number & Email Address

Jenifa's Diary Contact Mobile Phone Number Email Address - Phone Number Jenifa's Diary -- Jenifa's Diary email -- Jenifa's Diary contactJenifa’s Diary Contact Phone Number and Email Address : That’s the Management funke akindele Phone Number and Direct Email Address Use “funke akindele Jenifa’s Diary Contact Phone Number” , Mail “Email Address” , to reach her

Jenifa’s Diary Contact Phone Number and Email Address

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Use the Jenifa’s Diary Contact Phone Number and Email Address , Goodluck ,….

Call: +234-805-SCENEONE
Email: info@sceneone.tvJenifa's Diary Contact Mobile Phone Number Email Address


  1. Aunty funke,I’ve always loved you and I took you as my secret mentor, especially when I discovered that Jenifer’s diary, is all about not given up,I’ve used that concept and its working for me never to give up,I am Victoria and I want to be more closer to you,08145878613.

  2. Aunty Funke Akindele, you are my role model and I will love to work with you. I am a writer not an actress but I will like you to be the producer for my scripts.

  3. i think sum1 is using ur facebook account to fraud people, bcos u ask me sum question and answer dem correctly and u sent pastor oyeola’s no to me 07011215443 and 3 codes i called d number and he asked to pay 3,000 for the clearance form and 2,000 for the delivery of the goods, nd i paid the money nw av been calling him since yesterday he’s cutting my calls, he even send me the driver’s no 07083412389 and Acct no 3113679947, Acct Name Azeez Eniola Rukayat, Bank Name First Bank. dat’s y i need ur number ma,i know u are a good and kind person, u won’t do that and i also believe in u dat’s y i send the money. Dis are d codes u sent to me Clearance Code 2138, Serial Code 1547, Rarcel Code 3248. all d money i sent to them 5,000 pls ma i will be grateful if dey send the goods or sent my money. Luv u more 4rm 1 of ur fans.

  4. aunty funke please ma I need ur contact I want to speak with you ma. please aunty funke kindly send me your number via SMS this is my number 08101713101 thanks.

  5. pls ma I need ur contact,am a great fan of urs ,and also I need ur help ,and have been searching for ur number for a long time.may god continue to bless you,provide you and grant you mercie,i would be happy if my request is uuuu
    my contact number is 08104961516

  6. Jenifa, i really enjoy jenifas diary
    and will like to be a part of it
    i have the talent to act any role
    i promise you will enjoy my acting
    you can contact me
    God bless you

  7. Mrs funke pls ma I need yr help for God sake i we be so excited if you can grant my heart desires thanks you more blessings 08165604506

  8. I’m jemimah ogwah and I’m sixteen years old….I would like to be an actress so i need your help just like you helped pepetual in jenifa’s dairy….or even if it’s to learn in your school…i’ll pay..but i just need an address from you…. here is my contact… 08124077144….please call me when i’m needed…thank you

  9. Hi aunty jenivah…am aduragbemi by name I love everything about u when it comes to u nobody else but u…anyways am a professional barber and I would love to be part of d nikky o salon… Just to showcase my talent along side with you…I will b so glad if am favourable considered. Aunty jenivah this is my number 08126462132 thanks

  10. Ma pls i really need ur help pls try and help me i want to be an actress i need ur help ma 07065713134 pls cal me ma thanks God bless u

  11. Hi lady, I’m a good fan of urs. .congrats to u about your forth coming treasures. .I wish u d very best and safe delivery and about d acting side.., I really have passion for it and also I’m a script writer. ..thanks for d time u took to read this . here is my contact.

  12. Am akindele Suliat by name, and i also need your help in acting….I wish I could act like u ma…my number goes thus:07032573049

  13. l love all your movies pls if u need someone to act pls am ready to act pls dis is my number 08107472708 ………..

    u ar d best Sis

  14. please ma I am among those people that won the promo .You sent a message to me on messenger by sending a winning code and the number that I will call but when I tried the number is switched off

  15. pls and pls aunty funke am begging u in de name of God to reply me
    pls am interested in artist since my childhood and now am fully ready pls I need ur help pls am begging u in de name of God to reply me or send me ur Number.
    dis is my own 08020926222

  16. I never really thought of becoming an actress but since the day i watch jenefa’s diary i have been inspired and my mum do say alot about you,the way you dress,your spoken English and your movies they are all amazing and that i praised may god increase your knowledge and have a save delivering(amen) i just hope its possible my phone number(08157251594) i would be glad and happy if my wish could come true@aderonke olayisade

  17. Please ma I really need your help and become an actress please help me and I will always be grateful to you please. I need help ma
    This my contact 08171900600

  18. I am writing to inform you of how much I love your skills and passion in acting, you are really inspiring and trust me, you’re the best among the best.
    I have a problem I’ll like you to help me handle, I have skills in acting and directing but I need encouragement, I believe in my heart that I am at the right place and you will hear me, I need your help either in form of encouragement or financially, or anyhow, I just have faith that I need your help. I can only excel if given the chance to do so, you can help me with that license if you want. Thanks sis

  19. Ma pls I can sing God intentionally gave me the talent of singing,acting,and dancing ma pls I will love to join jenifa’s diary and one more thing I need to see u badly it is about your barrenness ma I am sorry if it sounds like an insult and it is this this August ma this is my NUM 09075980041 and my address no2 ajimuti itaoluwo ikorodu Lagos state if u really need a wonderful child call me or come to my house but if u don’t need a child I can’t force u but I will be glad if u come to my house u can come with police so if I mean u harm they can arrest me I am not taking u to an aberlist note that if u are coming call me and tell me so I can be at alert

  20. Pls I want to join jenifa diary and one important thing I want to help u about ur barrenes pls I am sorry ma if it sound like an insult call me or come to my house no 2 abule ajimuti itaoluwo ikorodu Lagos or this is my NUM 09075980041

  21. pls ma i am a student i am interested in acting pls if you can help me i will be the happiest girl in this world thank u this is my number 09091254603

  22. I hope you reply this message. My name is motunrayo, dear funke sis, if you know how much you mean to mean, u will really reply this message. just wanna tell you that you are my role model, my number 1 biggest star. i love you from here to the moon and back. love you plenty. I always dream of the day am gonna meet you face2face(hope the day comes). anyways keep it up. this is my number 09034329592. Please if you wanna reply me, text me privately pleeeeeeeese. I don’t mean to disturb you. love you

  23. Please ma since then i haven’t get the items u promise me i have don everything the manager ask me to do please help my happens is gone my number is 08142389093

  24. I am one of Madam Funke’s biggest fans out here and would love to speak with her (Madam Funke Akindele Bello) if she won’t mind. I hope to be favoured enough to have her number. Thanks

  25. Hi, how are you doing today? Sis Funke i believe you are alright,I am Olaoluwa Ayodele, glad we share same birth month(august) i have been following your series right from season 1 till date please i will love to play a role in the Jenifas diary..i will be looking forward to hear from you…+22968842397 or +22960097013….God bless.

    Thanks for your understanding

  26. pls i want 2 confirm if dis is real, i received a message on my facebook where i was told dat i have won some gifts 4rm u dat i should contact one man mr daniel,i received the message on yesterday Sunday, pls i want 2 know may be is true or not, if they are fraudster pls let me know, dont let dis people spoil the name dat u ar mode pls Thanks .

  27. how are you aunty funke,you are my freind because you are active when you act firm,especially in jenifer diary

  28. Gud evening ma funke,i reali like acting .pls ma if there is anyway u can help me pls do help or if there is anybody u know that can help me pls ma here is my number 09067178835 thank u and God bless u


  30. Well I have story 2 tell,bur at dis main time,all I want is help,pls ma I really need ur help like seriously,2 b without no father is not a good thing at all,My mum as really been struggling,no wre 2 go,nobody 2 run 2,pls ma help me ma,being wayward was never my intention,bur making my family proud is wat av Always think of….temptations av come bur thank God 4 my mum’s advice over me…..pls ma I really need ur help.I can work 4 u,I can do any thing as far am not just sitting at home……am ready 2 work cos am not a lazy boy…..thanks ma.I hope dis message gets 2 u…..hres my contact ma……09073690267pls ma….I really need u ma!

  31. please ma I need your assistance my parent they are no more and I need money to take care of my self and my future, please can I work with you as house girl this number 09030148295, please help me thank you may continue to bless you

  32. Please aunty jeniva u are such a lovely human i will like to talk to u ma please dis is my number 08184240609please ma i need ur help god bless u ma.

  33. Aunty funke I love your creativity, you are an inspiration to me and other people, I love acting and writing but I don’t know anyone in the movie industry, I don’t know who to meet and what to do to fulfil my desires, my passion I have in the movie industry, it is a great privilege of me sending you a message I will be overwhelmed if this message is been replied. Thanks for your cooperation

  34. pls ma it will be a great previlage if I can be given the opportunity to participate in one of ur series all my lyf av wished to be an artress pls ma help me make my dreams come through and I pray everytin u lay ur hand upon shall continue to prosper pls ma here is my contact 08180652811 pls ma am really lukin forward to here frm u tanks

  35. Hello ma’am. Good morning ma. Ma please my name is Lynda. I’m 19 yrs from Anambra State. Ma please I desperately need financial help with my school fees. Ms please help me out please Ma. 08169613597

  36. Hello ma’am. Good morning. How are you ? How is your family ? please Ma my name is Lynda. I’m 19 urs from Anambra state. Ma am really sorry if am bothering you but its just that I desperately need financial help with my school fees. please ma’am help me. this is my contact address – 08169613597.

  37. big sis! Pls i nid a finacial assistance as ma school issue, an hndii student of fcaib, buh ve nt paid dis sesion fee,every little surport count ma! Tank you.0116809419,gtb,07014331257

  38. hello Funke. I really need someone to talk to right now. feeling. really depressed. 08036078246 please call. I am a mother of three and just confused. thank you

  39. Hello ma,i just wan 2 celebrate u 4who u r.we r proud of u. Is it true dat u r givin out som items 2ur fans on facbk?

  40. Gud pm sister funke…i realy love u nd ur actin skills.I’ll like 2 b a part of jennifer’s diary,my numba..09068196907

  41. With Due Respect Ma Pls Ma I Need Ur Assistance Ma..I Lov To Be An Actress Ma I Dnt Mind If U Can Help Ma.I Pray As Plan To Help…God Will Help You In The Place Of Ur Need In Jesus Name {amen}this Is My Contact Ma {07062601114}thank U Ma…Bye

  42. To download and register for d form of ssd is not working. I want to register and i have been on dis for weeks now, pls help me so that i can register cos am so interested in entering d sch pls. Here is my mail box. Thx.

  43. Please @ Funke Akindele i jus wanar be like yhu. ve for ever long in becoming an actress like yhu. And ve always like ur acting. please i wanar act like yhu. Jus a little scene nd i will make use of it well. Hoping to hearing from u soon dear #jenifa

  44. My altmost pleasure wrightting to u, if truely it will get to u direct, am happy for ur success in d movie industry wish i have a relation like u, i so much hv passion on becoming an actress but what can i do if i cant hv me way into the industry, i believe God works in a misterious way. May God continues to be with u guide n protect u frm any enemies. Cheers

  45. My altmost pleasure wrightting to u, if truely it will get to u direct, am happy for ur success in d movie industry wish i have a relation like u, though i so much hv passion on becoming an actress but what can i do if i cant hv me way into the industry, i believe God works in a misterious way. May God continues to be with u guide n protect u frm any enemies. Cheers

  46. My name is akintunde ayomide am a art student and i will lke 2 partake n ur drama schl ma this is my phn num 08036890451

  47. am from kogi and a footballer but av no sponsor but I no 1 day god will blesss me am 1 of ur fans cuz I luv u and ur films cus I use it to keep ma celf from thinking about ma life I pray may god bless u more abundantly amen.this is ma number 07068158931 my name is Johnson

  48. have been having a particular story which i can make a film pls i need ur help man if u can help man distance my number 07063359454 thanks ma aunty funke

  49. my name is gideon adeniyi pls have been having a particular story which i can make a film pls i need ur help man if u can help man distance my number 07063359454
    February 19, 2017 at 12:57 pm

    have been having a particular story which i can make a film pls i need ur help man if u can help man distance my number 07063359454 thanks ma aunty funke

  50. aunty pls help me I want to be an actor I have been praying for so long to an actor pls help me out see your self as my helper and god will answer u and wipe away your tears in Jesus name

  51. pls ma Aunty funke mummy twins of dis year I need ur assistance urgently dis is my number 08167310561 I will be very happy if u can call me ma thanks

  52. good evening role model… please I need your number because I want to learn makeover/makeup from where Juliana olayode learnt her’s from. please I really need your number or you can just give me the details about the place… please I beg of you

  53. Morning my name is olayemi oluwafemi am one of ur fans i love your drama i love the way u make us laugh and i pray dat that god will always make u happy but sis i want ur phone number pls give it to me diz is my number pls flash or call me love you sis


  55. Please ma, can you help link me into the movie industry, I strongly have great passion for it..I promise to give out my best!!!!..please, this is my contact; 09066654266..May the Almighty God inspire you of more scenes to the “Jenifa’s Diary” Amen!!!


  57. gud evening my lovely sister i need your help to make my dream come true pls ma contact me 09030614794

  58. oh my God! all these for aunty funke. Am very sure my expression will mean nothing. well I have a prayer for you,may the Almighty grant you the fruit of the womb. 07030439876

  59. Good day ma,I want to become a actress and prefecting be like you all I need is your asistance. I will be subjected to you at anyway. THANKS FOR YOUR ANTICIPATED CO-OPERATION

  60. good day ma,i know u may think so funny about what am going to say.pls help me i’m 16 years old i want to achieve my dream of becoming an actress

  61. Comedy is my nature but not connection.
    But by the grace someone will see my write up and call me on 07089565623 i Cosmas will be impressed.

    He gone to many shows and it will be my pleasure to be among of both acting and demonstrating my talent as a comedian on stage, just to be your healer.
    Thanks and God bless.

    Email address.

  62. Its my pleasure meeting u through text even though I hv nt sein u physically, I know one day I will be acting as u are now that’s my dream and I don’t hv any assistance please am interested in acting pls I need ur support this is my contact»08146494671 pls help me I am a male 19 yrs

  63. Hello sweet sister,compliment of the season. sis Funke, i’ve not heard from you over 3months now,i dont know when my baby is to come up again cus i’ve not gotten your message from anyone. Mida’s baby.

  64. Hello ma’am, good day to you ma, am here to seek for help on behave of an organization called LIFELINE AGED HEALTH CARE SERVICES which promote elderly healthy life with free test and free treatment but in order to promote our work throughout the state in Nigeria we need people help, please ma no amount is small or big, you can check us on Facebook or Instagram, for better enquiries call 08039574931, 08152909931, acc name lifeline health care.h.m acc number 1014279578 zenith Bank

  65. Hello Jenny baby I really enjoy your show and will like to act cause I have the mind and passion for acting…….will be greatful if your will give me a chance to prove myself to your…..thanks and God bless you

  66. pls ma l want 2 act am go 2 school am in act class pls ma l need yr help am 19 year old am in abuja pls ma flash me 08174938681 god bless u ma nd yr family ma

  67. auntie funke pls ma, i want to be an artist, pls ma help me. i am 22 years old, this my contact number, 08142084765 plz ma flash, me god will help u ma,

  68. good evening ma, how are you ma?
    How is everything ma? Mummy I would love to be in one movies ma…I can act a lot e.g I can act as an Imbecile ma.. mummy I really need your help… would be appreciated if my request would be granted ma… here is my contact number ma.. 08125012707

  69. Honestly I will definitely like to join JENNIFER’S DIARY…I love the movie, and I watch it every single day…..
    Am very gud in acting
    abs and am from info state
    plz reach me
    I will b very happy

  70. sister funke, please ma, I need your assistance…. without your assistance in my life … nothing
    And I will appreciate it. if you can help me.

  71. Jenifer Pls i want to join in arting jenifer’s diary am a artist and a model i base in abuja. dis my number 09098273154 #SHOUTOUT TO “falzthebahdguy”, TOYOSI, ADAKU, MERCY You guys are toomuch… jenifer i would be glad u accept my request. my FACEBOOK name is “MERCY IV “Mhzz Love”

  72. bae u. know I luv & I want to be acting in Jenifa dairy God has giving me dat talent help me make use of it I want the world to respect females not to ignore females pls help me the way u help ada
    ku, Cordelia etc pls jenifa .

    A.K.A black rihanna

  73. bae u. know I luv & I want to be acting in Jenifa dairy God has giving me dat talent help me make use of it I want the world to respect females not to ignore females pls help me the way u help ada
    ku, Cordelia etc pls jenifa .

    A.K.A black rihanna

  74. Goodday Ma.I wish to be acting with you,to be part of Jenifa’s diary when i graduat as an actor from OAU.Am 21years old from oyo state LGA ogbomoso. love watching your movie its gives me joy.This my contact 08183733610.You will never go back.Stay blessed ma

  75. please ma i would really appreciate if you can call me even just once and hide your number please i want to talk about am important issue with you…

  76. Pls ma I would really appreciate it if I can be part of D upcoming jenifa’s diary I have passion 4 it I promise 2 give in my best if I’m chosen here is my contact 08132294380

  77. Plz i want 2 participate in jenifa diary and new series that you are shooting nw and toyosi expression plz help me ma.My no 07035785173 or 09061606744.

  78. Goodday am so happy at your school am one of your best fan I love ur movie so much atleast it stops me from a bad each timei watch themi wish. To join to and am also in to script writings I’ve. Writen lots of scripts and I know u wl love dem thanks am congratulations here is my contact 08070061908 I wish to develope my skills too

  79. am an aspiring actress so i wish to act in jenifa’s diary if
    the new series that are upcoming would need new participate thanks

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