1. I am a new registered member on nairaland and I don’t known how to post news or a new topics, pls help direct me as I love this topic

  2. Email chijovicintegrated@gmail.com On two different occassion iprovided help thus (1)#100000 dated 13/12/2016.to ceeilia Ubong Henry acct no3093601756 first bk(1000). (2)Peter Emrobowansan Atsenogua acct no:1019781908 UBA bank (6000). (3)Udemezua David Okuchukwu acct no:0052810171 Diamond bk (21000). (4)Caroline Sunday acct no:3020267538 first bk (72000).On the 19/12/2016 i was matched to GH of (174000)which they failed.and secondly on 06/01/2017 i provided help of (19000) to Yusuf AB .Pls kindly respond to this urgent matter.

  3. Please i provided help since 7th December,and has been merged to pay only17k ,it’s more than 21days please look into my account,hopeubuara3@gmail.com

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