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We help you do your home projects by connecting you with the right professionals.www.domore.ng (Do More Nigeria) - Login & Register

Why domore.ng?

We connect you to contractors who understand that they are building or fixing your home, your workplace, and by extention your future.


We are breaking a barrier. Whether you are an Architect, Builder, Home decoration expert etc, you will be able to apply to jobs posted by people who want you to make their house a home. You will no longer be restricted by your office or locality. Home owners will be able to sort through contractors and get the best deal.

The step below is the process a home owner will take to make a job request.

Describe your project

Answer a few simple questions about the work you need done.

Add pictures

A picture is worth a thousand words. Receive more accurate estimates!

Get Responses

Up to four qualified professionals will be in touch for your request.

Be a domore.ng professional

Grow your business,efficiently

Domore.ng helps you run your business and connect with the right customer quickly and smoothly. Get Started and help someone make their house a home.

When you register as a contractor/professional in our website, you will be able to apply to job requests. A job request is made by a homeowner who want to build a house or improve an existing building. We allow only up to 4 professionals to apply for any job request.

This way, we ensure you get a bigger chance to win the job request. Homeowners on the other hand will check your proposal and discuss the job requirements with you. It is a win for both of you

Posted on October 30, 2017

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